Only Goldlily/Silverlily type intrauterine contraceptive devices (commonly: spiral, professionally: IUD) offer electrochemical protection beside the well known effects (double protection) against unwanted pregnancy unique in the world. The rate of becoming pregnant, as the characteristic of their safety, is the same as for the best pills and the expulsion rate is also very low (see Statistics). Goldlily and Silverlily are belonging to the most effective devices, at the same time their in-dwelling time is very long (7 years), in the case of Goldlily Double 10 years. The effective elements of the patented devices are gold-copper or silver-copper alloy wires wound onto a plastic body in spiral shape. The wire in the IUDs containing noble metals does not break into pieces (no fragmentation!) during dissolution of copper from the alloy, as it happens in the case of traditional devices with active element of "only of copper". The effectiveness is uniform during time. The fine of the touch device of poly ethylene, forming the shape of a lily fit to it's place unnoticeable after insertion, and is effective from the first minute. According to the constitutional characteristics of the patient the gynaecologue may easily choose the best fitting IUD, for Goldlily/Silverlily are manufactured in short, mini and standard versions. Due to the special shape of the plactic body, the insertion and the removal of the device are painless. When the patient - changing her mind - wants to have a baby she can get pregnant just after removal of the device. We offer Goldlily/Silverlily to those who has a constant partner and/or have problems with pills (e.g. patients having diabetes, dangered by the risk of hereditary thrombosis, living in the age of premenopausa, etc.), breast-feeding or against other contracepting methodes or devices as well as it is advised for gynaecological reasons.


Goldlily - Exclusive

Gold ions are dissolving from the gold-copper active elements in trace amounts, thus having an increased bactericide and fungicide effects. This may be the reason of having inflammatory diseases only very rarely when wearing Goldlily-Exclusive enriched in gold.

Goldlily - Double

These devices are special in increased wearing-time and increased effectiveness. Their dimensions are as for the traditional Goldlily ones, the ways of insertion and removal are the same.

Goldlily - Conditioned

Lately it is commonly accepted to provide contraception by inserting an IUD within five days after copulation unsafe or with defective contraception. For these "urgent" solutions was developed Goldlily-Conditioned type, that performs it's maximum effectiveness from insertion. Goldlily-Conditioned may be inserted on any day of the cycle.

Goldlily - Plastic

The slightly modified body as contraceptive device was introduced for patients supersensitve to metals. It is well known that the safety of these devices of only plastic is smaller (appr. 96%) than that of Goldlily IUDs with gold-copper alloys.

"For risks and side-effects read the leaflet or ask for your physician or pharmacist!"

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